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Burberry Sign Lighting Event


The Burberry Building after the sign was illuminated, with little big lites on the 14th floor terrace performing beam effects into the hazy night air.In the face of rainy springtime weather fit for London, production glue supported event designer, Van Wyck & Van Wyck in the technical production of a star-studded outdoor celebration for Burberry.  The occasion was a sign lighting party to mark the opening of Burberry’s new American headquarters. With barely ten days’ working time, production glue stepped in as technical production partner, supporting Bronson Van Wyck’s luxurious party environment with lighting, audio, power and special effects elements arranged across four different staging locations: the VIP party (on the penthouses and roof of the Palace Hotel Tower) the VIP entry (through the Palace Hotel Courtyard), the staff party on the 14th floor of 444 Madison Avenue (the new Burberry Headquarters), and atop its roof to showcase the ceremonial inaugural ighting of the Burberry sign. production glue’s team for the event was led by Technical Director Jack Hilley with Matt Richman providing additional on-site Technical Direction support.  The lighting design team included several key players: Greg Cohen of UVLD (moving lights used to accentuate the building and sign lighting), Rob Cangemi (party) and Dan Marcus (entry).

As guests arrived, light boxes along the Palace’s courtyard entrance displayed the Burberry brand name in luminous 10’ tall images of the building and installation of the sign high above 444 Madison Avenue. Once inside, guests enjoyed two floors of penthouse party space. VIP guests and celebrities included Orlando Bloom, Claire Danes, Lily Donaldson and many others. Yorkshire indie rock band One Night Only provided the entertainment for the evening along with DJs Alexa Chung and Jamie Biden. A programmed lighting sequence which used Vari-lites and Little Big Lights built anticipation for the reveal of the darkened Burberry logo atop the adjacent building and added to the celebratory environment. As One Night Only counted down to the sign lighting moment, the lighting effect built towards the climax , branding the historic 444 Madison edifice as the new Burberry Building. Upon lighting the sign, confetti showered from 20+ confetti canons and four large continuous stream confetti blasters driven by C02 cryo jet fog, making the sign-lighting even more dramatic.

Immediately after the sign was illuminated confetti streamed from CO2 cryo jets on the rooftop to accentuate the moment. production glue would like to thank Bronson Van Wyck, as well as event planners Kari Bien and Alice Turner, for inviting us to work on this truly memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.

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