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Range Rover Evoque Launch

The new Range Rover Evoque represents all that is hip and cutting edge: for starters its branding foundation is built on social media led by Evoque’s City Shapers – tastemakers who ‘check in’ to all the cool locations they’re going to in their Evoque – so we knew this event needed to mirror the product. As tennis star Serena Williams and City Shapers entered the event, and Range Rover executives discussed the hip brand during the speaking program, we knew we were part of (and had achieved) something very cool and exciting.

Backing it up – we had explored venues that were off the path, different and unique, and were thrilled to discover the brand new meatpacking district venue, Highline Stages, where the Evoque launch marked the first event held in this space. production glue was brought in by Jed Burkhardt of set360events to collaborate on and execute custom creative elements capturing Evoque’s brand identity including:

  • 30’ step-n-repeat
  • Flat walls (with a 50’ curved wall) featuring vinyl graphic installations
  • Wall of plasmas with content and art; another wall featuring touch screen plasmas
  • Lighting from the venue’s TV and Film equipment, mastered into a fun & useful aesthetic
  • A two-room event – one side featuring a hip, trendy lounge, while the other tapped into a classic, familiar feel with leather tufted furniture and dark, warm colors.


Separately, to offer the general public a glimpse at this new brand, a 3-day event took place in the historic Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal for all passersby to see. This portion of the product launch featured wireframes in the Evoque shape atop 6′ tall pedestals. A synched multi-color video of a cityscape was projected onto the wireframe, giving it a sense of motion, along with audio cues that added to the scene’s captivation.

production glue offers a heartfelt thanks to Jed Burkhardt of set360events for tapping us for this fabulous event. It was wonderful working with Jed, Além International Management, and Jaguar Land Rover North America to bring this vision to life. Many thanks to Highline Stages and Grand Central Terminal for welcoming us into your venues. We look forward to future collaborations with you all!

Client: set360events
Role: Event Execution Partner / Technical Producers
Venue: Highline Stages, NYC / Vanderbilt Hall, Grand Central Terminal, NYC
Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2011 / Tuesday, May 19, 2011 – Thursday, May 21, 2011
glue Leads: Jack Hilley & Liz Hart / Lucas Zimmerman

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