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glue & ceg join history in d.c for the live webcast, mankind connected: a global teach-in


Event Overview

In concurrence with the new 12-hour television event, Mankind The Story of All of Us, HISTORY invited educators & young people from across the globe to join them for the live webcast, MANKIND CONNECTED: A Global Teach-InThe live online event took place on Thursday, November 8th, and featured a panel of historians, special guests, and students from around the world, to explore UNESCO World Heritage sites & discuss a shared history between all humans. The main broadcast took place in Washington, D.C’s interactive museum, the Newseum, and featured numerous videos & live remote presentations, to showcase an insider’s look into a variety of UNESCO locations.


Work with CEG & HISTORY to advise technical direction, coordinate schedules, supervise the main broadcasting studio’s set design & build, and oversee the production of both remote locations in Vina del Mar, Chile & Liberty, Missouri.

Scope of Responsibilities

  • In keeping with Mankind’s key art, glue transformed D.C’s main studio into a camera-friendly set design, ensuring both the moderator & panelists were perfectly framed throughout the Q&A discussion
  • Provided a technical producer & camera operator on the ground at the schools in Chile & Missouri, to guarantee direct & seamless communication between the main studio & these two remote locations
  • In Chile & Missouri, identified, sourced, and integrated necessary equipment, to ensure the streamlined communication between the main studio in DC & the remote locations would work
  • Coordinated testing of communication lines & webcast feeds, across three different time zones (CT, EST, and UTC-4), across one EST evening
  • Under a tight schedule & faced with a firewall issue in Chile, glue worked quickly to provide solutions, resolve the problem, and guarantee the show’s program could go on as planned

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As always, many thanks to CEG, HISTORY, and A&E Networks for another successful program. We look forward to working together again!

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